Author: Walter Sabiston

16. Meaningful Coincidence: The Partner Restaurant


Before learning about synchronicity and meaningful coincidences, I never suspected that certain occasions and events along the way were anything more than the occasional happenstance, like finding a four leaf clover; rare but not particularly meaningful. Only now reflecting back on years of such instances, can I link such serendipitous moments to the zygoma journey and they become openly meaningful.

Some are:

My anatomical curiosity with animal dissection in my early teens. Selecting  a History of Medicine course requiring a research essay for the semester grade with my chosen topic “History of Anatomy”. Admittedly weak, but when considered along with many others probably meaningful.                                                                                                                            

Next, without a doubt the most unlikely coincidence I have ever experienced. It’s likelihood of being coincidental is ludicrous, It being a watershed event of a lifetime, labelled “coincidence” from a reluctance of using miracle by most everyone,now seems obvious.Here’s what happened.

Fausto, one of those rare individuals who bursts into your life and feels as if you have been friends, colleagues forever. A second generation Italian whose dad, an extraordinary architect and mother an angel.

We first met surrounding the preparation of our oldest son Bob’s paintings submitted to Atlantic Christian College High School Kodak Art Competition. Fausto Cardelli, acclaimed art teacher, influenced all four of our children’s lives , especially regarding their art appreciation and its importance and meaning in life.

Fausto, the artist, is bigger than life. He can’t be quieted surrounding any aspect of art especially its deepest profound substance. We all were caught up in his wonderful enthusiasm for his profession and overwhelming knowledge and mastery of its parameters evident in the  beauty of his canvases.

He was integral in establishing an Art Committee of the library board of directors in Kinston, N.C. setting up criteria for art piece selection for our new library. As chairmen of that committee we planned a trip to New York to visit Henry Pearson, a Kinston native who carved out a place in the N.Y.’s artist league. Two of his artist friends at that  time were Sol LeWitt and Robert Rauschenberg.  We hoped to win favor with Mr. Pearson and acquire a piece of his work for our collection. Naomi Camnitz, another board member personally knew Henry and his family and arranged our meeting.

After work, late Friday afternoon, we struck out by car for the Big Apple to meet Mr Pearson. On the way up we were engaged in the deeper aspects of life, professions, family, art, artists and especially my only serious interest outside of medicine; language and etymology, zygoma,  yoke and the origin of the alphabet. Fausto is thoughtful enough to inquire of others interest and a great listener, attentive asking provoking questions, stimulating enjoyable discussion. That night he enjoyed ‘getting me going’ on this ‘Language’ thing of mine. Our discussions, lengthy, analytical, penetrating exchanges non stop except for breath. After a  night of such, at daybreak we were ready for a breakfast pit stop.

Exiting the Washington – Baltimore by-pass, I took the first ramp indicating food. Looping quickly under the freeway  onto a small unlit two lane black top offering no options but to proceed straight ahead. Quite desolate with few unopened businesses and no traffic I was uneasy  thinking we may have made a poor exit choice as it looked like the road was coming to an abrupt end. Straining to see what was next, we saw the sign!!!

A pair of hands joined together in a hand shake.


( sculpted hands ) 1


A very simple lighted sign , white plastic background with two browned hands clasped together with the name above the hands,

“ Partner Restaurant”.

We had pulled up to the restaurant  associated with the end of the line motel.

After a relieving sigh (whew), I thought I had found a “pot of gold”at the end of a zygoma rainbow.

Having spent at least two hours talking Fausto thru my etymologic discoveries of the origin of the word zygoma, its Greek meaning yoke, one of man’s oldest words and parent to literally hundreds of derived words in every language, all with a meaning of, to come together, to join, unite, to meet, to tie, to bind , to connect, to pair, couple, parent;  just a sample of its heritage as also the word partner, one of two coming together forming a union aptly illustrated with the joining of hands! Together we were such on this day!

Wow, amazing, another example of “coincidental “ events occurring  periodically keeping me focused and energized on the pursuit of the truth in the anatomical meaning of a simple concept, yoke.

I already knew that zygoma was related to the words part and pair. Pair happens to be the name of the zygoma  bone in Arabic, called the yoke bone or pair bone , Ossa Paris, the literal Latin translation 2, Ossa means bone and Paris , I presume pair. Also, I had “coincidentally” 3  discovered in the book of I Samuel 11, a yoke of oxen was two oxen, 4 , a pair of oxen and as pointed out in the first blog entry Galen named the bone because it was made up of two parts.

Fausto at that moment, not specifically privy to the above, was not flabbergasted as I , even though I had been drilling him on word origins and he relating his experience with augers!

Well think about it. Two becoming one. A unit, a marriage, to wed, a couple ! A pair, a part,  PARTNERS. Two yoked together. Two close friends on a mission. Need I say more. If so, an entire blog entry  on yoke – zygoma cognates with a work sheet to use in every language to reveal the derivations of a zillion words included. I could go on but most of you won’t be impressed until you find out for yourself how virtually any word  involving two becoming one evolved from the very earliest concepts of words implying two, a yoke. Partner is one of those words.

Etymology can easily become hairy as those engaged in word origins find out, its complicated. Here’s whats not complicated: What’s  the odds of having  landed on an isolated road in the middle of nowhere, at a singular restaurant called “Partner”, having just been talking  about augers and the like and details of my compelling pursuit of a simple four letter word yoke, the parent of the word partner and zygoma.

Fathom this. I documented this episode in 2011 so not to forget details.  I rewrote it last year 2017 for this blog and sent Fausto a copy.  His reply came back packaged; an old whiskey bottle he had  found some time after our trip apparently with an embossed picture of a hand shake  much the same as the sign we  encountered at the restaurant. Below the clasped hand is the shape of the state of Maryland and Kentucky and a star locating the Frankfort distilleries of  the Louisville and Baltimore , the respected states. Partner distilleries.


Apparently, Fausto had been impressed more than I thought.

Out of curiosity in 2011, I googled Partner Restaurant and found

None listed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . Whats more, a world search only revealed  a handful,  one in Europe and None in North America.

Yet this small establishment, an obvious one of a kind happened to be at a dead end street where two friends in the mist of discussion about the meaning of the word yoke, pulled up to this out of the way business called “partners.”

Random or meaningful?

One such event understandably coincidence , but many as I will relate as the years accumulate become “meaningful coincidences”: enough, for me now, not coincidence at all.


Celebrate and cherish the ( events ) and people you meet along the way and realize the uniqueness and individuality that they bring to you and the world. Without their diversity life would be a very boring and somber experience.4 They could easily be part of your azoke!


  1. sculpted shake by susan sabiston
  2. Prelude to modern Science , Charles Singer and C. Rabin pg 31
  3.  i first encountered the scripture that revealed to me yoke was used to mean two of , a yoke of oxen, 2 oxen, was a meaningful coincidence itself. my youngest daughter susan possibly 4 or 5 feels asleep on a swing and to avoid waking her I grabbed the nearest book nearby to read while she slept. It fell open on page of 1 Samuel !
  4. 1 Samuel 11, King James , last night nov.23 2018 I looked up the specific reference of the quote to find it was from 1 Samuel 11:11.  Ha, Ha , its always occurring !  11:11 ,  symbol for mystics and  threshold for synchronicity it evokes when spontaneously seen on digital clocks. See later Blog of williams correspondences

end of Blog 16

15. Awoke

Blog # 15


I awoke 3-18-18 with these new thoughts:

I had  tried to get beyond “Completion”.  There seemed little left to say; “my singular truth” proclaimed , the intuitive provincial eye of God leading my way, 

and “The first breath of God”  proclaiming Yahweh, God’s personal name “heard”. I wanted  to share my singular truth with everyone.  God Exist !  But just now

as I awoke I realized to hear it, God Exists, and not to feel it , is meaningless.  Wanting others to share my singular truth as if it were their own, however thoughtful, is useless unless it is felt. Knowing the exhilaration of climbing Mt Everest, skiing a mountainside or riding a motorcycle can only come from the experience itself.  I asked myself  whats the benefit of  sharing my experience with others ? None perhaps, except, to encourage others to examine  their lives, find their zoke , and follow it with all their heart,mind and soul wherever it takes them (Their Azoke). Trust your instincts, no one else has your answers. 

Everyones  azoke and zoke is different  based upon what God  has bestowed on you within the context of your life; family,work,experiences, education, including even your thoughts.

God has a unique purpose for each of us, one not like anyone else.   One which encompasses the many facets of our lives.  I believe we are equipped with the necessary tools, gifts, etc. for which to cary out  God’s purpose. The key to fining your zoke  is recognition of the special gifts  you have been given. The truth of your life. Look for, find and follow it. Its your yoke to be led. your zoke. You may already been on your path unknowing as what , nor why, but God willing, providence prevails and your hopes , wishes  and faith  will lead you to the singular truth, God exists . Your faith will be bolstered as you pursue the truth of your life be it music, song, dance, sports, business, laborer, farmer, doctor ,scientist, friend , mother,police  etc.

Think of it in this manner: If you find or feel any truth in your life, you have found God, for God is truth  and truth is the substance of God.

For each of us to recognize and know our TRUTH , It’s measured by all our past and present experiences, knowledge and wisdom and for us to accept it as truth it has to “ring true” with what we know has been proven  to be so,  in our past experiences.  In other words the truth is personal and individual, possibly different from those of others. When however you hear someone speak the truth as you have known it , it confirms and reassures your confidence in your faith, especially if spiritual in nature.   Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the confidence of things unseen. Hebrews 11:1

Its only in the past few years  after experiencing so many unforeseen events and uncommon circumstances that as my

son William has shown me, these “ meaningful coincidences”  have overwhelmed me to the point I Saw and Awoke to the fact as what they were.

Even though he has used the term synchronicity frequently and I did’t know what synchronous meant except from the standpoint of time.  HA Ha.!

It was only as I was writing these last two blogs did I take the initiative to formally look up the term and behold! find its meaning and that the term was coined ( a cognate of join, and zygoma) ,  by William’s favorite psychologist Carl Jung ( 1875 ) . Jung introduced a new word to shed light on  poorly understood events as did Galen with his coined zygoma.

Synchronicity: the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.


Synchronicity is a huge part of  my story and ultimately  what convinced me of my singular truth. Thats why we must return to Alabama! 1972 when the zygoma  epic began and the synchronicity and  coincidences started , the details I share with you as they evolved which at the time I had no appreciation they would later be seen as “meaningful coincidences” !


I believe the  coined , join , zygoma, yoke, cognate coincidence and yoke, awoke  above was meaningful in  helping me  to overcome my lull and boost my faith in continuing.


End Blog # 15


14. Awakening

Blog # 14


Awakening is an interesting word as we most often think of it only related to sleep, yet by definition and use it’s an act or moment of suddenly becoming aware of something.

I often find myself  thinking as I lie in bed, eyes still  closed perusing my night’s dream and meaning or making new day’s decisions and

solutions. I often awaken to new thoughts and connections. One such occasion happened recently. I went to bed late wrestling over how to get back on track to my story having digressed so heavily, spiritually,  with blog # 12, “completion”. It was hard “coming back down to earth” from that experience, In fact , so hard I reflexively added entry #13, a purely academic video regarding the origin of the word zygoma to distance myself from the mystic mantra of #12 some might find objectionable. I thought it might also help me get back to the story’s anatomical beginnings. 

It didn’t work despite many attempts to return, I wasn’t able. The excitement of etymology and anatomic terminology  paled so in comparison to the more recent spiritual experiences.   Likewise, the unfinished tasks of convincing physicians and anatomist to use the term zygoma correctly to avoid future terminology errors, the unfinished unsolved yoke etymology and having my “vowels began as  yokes” theory collaborated by academia , all  seemed to have lost their glitter, casting a lull that has  kept me from further progress, until , just now , when  I  AWOKE, literally and figuratively!  All I saw and “heard” was “OAK”, and it’s phonetic similarity of ” OKE” . I’m always tuned into sound alike words, being similarly related like , OAK- YOKE -AWOKE , as words which look ,sound or mean the same , they probably are cognates1 and have a common origin. I had never associated awakening with connection in the manner of yoke until now using Awoke, awake’s past tense .The  Awakening of the similarity of the Oak- Yoke- Awoke phonemes.

This zygoma synchronicity2 has “pulled me back in ” ;  the lull passed , my enthusiasm returned, with the reassurance of this awakening experience.


First yokes were made from  oak wood.

Oak trees are  the oldest of  trees.

A Bar of wood on the shoulders of persons carrying pails of water were first yokes 

 Bar is the oldest Greek word for a yoke. 

The  words , Oak and Yoke share similar origins.

.Sound alike, Look alike usually mean alike.  Oak,Yoke now  Awoke. 

 As I Awoke , suddenly a moment of awareness, a connection an enlightenment! An Awakening! 

Do you see what I mean, can you feel it? 

A light has brightened my day. A Path has been opened. I Awoke.

Halleluia !


  1. cognates – linguistics ( of a word ) having the same derivation as another : from the same origin or root: related to or descended from a common ancestor
  2. synchronicity – the simultaneous occurrence of events the appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection

End of Blog 14

13. Galen’s Zygoma – Video presentation to Brody School of Medicine

As you can see I didn’t return to the” beginning” in Alabama 1972 as I stated I would at the end of Blog # 12.

Instead,  I decided to introduce a recent academic video presentation  to give readers an example of the detailed and sound ” scientific methodology ” that I’ve practiced  for most of the past four decades free of any hint of spirituality so  strongly expressed in my last blog” completion”. Simultaneously , also providing a trustworthy foundation of what Zygoma meant from its inception in the first century A.D. thru the eighteenth century. One must clearly understand zygoma’s original meaning to navigate the confusion and ambiguity caused by the subsequent introduction of the anatomical term Zygomatic Bone for our cheekbone in the nineteenth century.

A combination of misunderstanding of zygoma’s meaning ,along with the introduction of anatomically naming ” Bony Processes” ,  initiated the current Zygoma-Zygomatic Bone conumbra of current terminology which I got caught up in and pledged to correct

Be sure to review the Bibliography at en of video



Blog # 12


Alleluya : Hallelujah



As often happened, the path I’ve followed was dictated by unforeseen circumstances which proved to be intended. Such is the case with , “completion” blog # 12 .

Entry # 8, “a coincidental neologism” , required so much time due to its spirituality, a departure from the orderly chronological progression of my story’s medical events, I realized additional spiritual entries would defer covering the origin of the anatomic term zygoma, the origin of alphabetic A , and the origin of vowels , all of which I considered paramount, so I returned to the story’s sequence with entry’s 9,10, and 11 but couldn’t go further no matter how hard I tried. I reread my blog site a dozen times trying to make the next entry when Atlas , I discovered in blog entry # 6, “The Coming Out” , one of the last reasons I was able to publicly proclaim my faith was a dream which erased lingering periodic uncertainty of God. I didn’t reveal the dream then because I had no proof of the dream’s meaning, just intuition, and I had not yet shown the enormous evidence of the validity of my zygoma story’s intuition in similar circumstance. While trying to decide what to do , I pulled up notes of the recorded dream which convinced me to enter it now, despite insufficient “proof” of my conclusions. That accepted, “ completion” comes next. Once again my direction changed , my impasse removed, and the chronologic sequence of my story interrupted.



I see the LI O HT!  (1)

Halleluyah Alleluyah

Before bed, 1:30 AM , I thumbed the Bible stopping in Joshua , first verse. After Moses death, the Lord spoke unto Joshua, Moses’ minister and told him to lead his people across the Jordan and take the land He promised them on the other side. God said don’t be afraid, be BOLD and STRONG, I will be with you and you will take the land.
I fell asleep after the first verse but awoke completing a dream about researching zygoma. With the help of a young librarian with card catalogues,a tall goofy “professor type” with long hair came up wanting to know all about my interest in such a peculiar word. Overcome with enthusiasm , he could hardly control himself, and his eagerness to know what I discovered. I was reluctant to share my work with him , not only about zygoma but about the first letter of the alphabet, vowel origins, the AHHMM sound, ( the forced vibratory exhalation of air during spiritual meditation , a chant ) and Yahweh.
With my eyes still closed, trying to make sense of the dream, I concluded I should take Joshua’s message and be Bold and STRONG and shed my fear of telling others my findings and risk losing credit for my discoveries.
I sensed the professor’s excitement was due the truthfulness of my discoveries and their helping him in some way. The dream convinced me to share with others  seeking truth . Here is what I revealed.

I have stumbled on a very old word , Zygoma,
An even older word YOKE.
An even older word BAR, the oldest Greek word for Yoke.
An even older pictograph of OXEN’S HEADS connected with a Bar, yoked together

Yoke is one of man’s first words, meaning to join, connect, union, come together, tie, wed, a pair, hold, bind, etc giving birth to three pages of usages and cognates outlined in the twenty- three volume Oxford English Dictionary.

As proof of the word yoke’s age consider the following :

A yoke is one of man’s first implements, used in the domestication of animals, allowing man to plough and feed more than just his own family, enabling others do more specialized tasks ultimately allowing for division of labor and stimulus of the birth of civilization and development of writing.

A, the first letter of virtually every alphabet is thought related to OX according to language scholars. Alpha, the Greek name for A , Aleph the Hebrew name for A and Alif the Arabic name for A , all mean OX.

I believe ( A ) is more than just “related” to ox but more correctly represents an Oxen yoke, not just the OX.


Yokes existed before alphabetic writing, present in the oldest Egyptian pictographs as bars connecting the horns of oxen.(pic)

Greeks, who were the first people to write the vowels of words chose (A) for their first vowel. ( A ) represented a yoke. They made ( A ), a yoke of grammar, a vowel, a letter connecting two consonants!

Vowels in Phoenician , Hieroglyphics, Cuneiform, Hebrew & Arabic were not written.

Vowels, I propose, originally had no meaning other than to indicate a connector, a yoke, therefore there would be no reason to write them.

This explains the need for the  two classifications of letters, consonant and vowels; one for meaning, one for connection, together a syllable., the building blocks of syllabic language , older than alphabetic.

To repeat my theory,  (A ) the first letter of our alphabet is related to oxen because it is the symbol for an Oxen yoke!   ( V ) is the Phoenician symbol for an ox head. When a horizontal bar across the middle was added it became a symbol for a yoke of oxen.

When rotated 180 degrees it became the  phonetic alphabetic ( A ).

The documentary evidence and evolution of the above will be presented later under the development of the Alphabet.


For “ completion “,  I have no such proof as I do for the above ! Completion  is intuitive. Never the less, having found one of our earliest written words, yoke,  prompted me to look deeper for words that existed, before writing, even to man’s first sounds ; sounds most essential for man’s primitive needs. Things immediate. Proximate. The sun, moon, stars, rain, water. A sound for finger, nose, eye, ear, toe etc. Words for parts seen and felt, always present would have come first and can be MAPS to evolved  later words.

As It turns out, Gross Anatomy, can provide clues to our earliest vocabulary and word sounds, i.e. zygoma!

Another important reliable source for word origins is the Bible. One of man’s first written  words was God’s name, I Am .

In Exodus 2:13 Moses asked God who shall I tell our people they are to leave Egypt to return to the promise land? God replied “ tell them I Am sent you “. I Am , one of the oldest sentences on record : the sound of ( I ) and the sound of ( A ) (M ) .

I’m persuaded the AM phonetically sounded like the syllable , Ahhhh mmmmm (AOM) or (AUM)  because its the sound of the most ancient spiritual chants of the Hebrew free masons as well as all the venerated traditions of the Orient’s spiritual cultures  and because I have been shown to believe it , ( I AM ) is actually the origin of the word we all acknowledge as the name of the solitary God of the Hebrews , Yahweh.

I AM is the most holy name for the Hebrew God, YahWeh . I AM and Yahweh are one and the same!. Yahweh means I AM !  I Am is the Hebrew name Yahweh.
Written without vowels, as customary in Hebrew, Yahwey would be, YHWH, the tetragrammaton. It was considered so Holy it was rarely spoken; Lord or Elohim were substituted.

I believe the Y of YahWeh, (Ya) represented ( I ) ( eye) , of I AM and the (A) , the oral sound for yoke , (Ahhh) and ( M ), somehow, the WEH .

Considering the biblical quote,  John 14:6 ,

God says I am the way , the truth and the life, frequently stated I am the way, the truth and the light , the light which allows us to ” see”.  It convinced me that the

(I) , (the eye) , represents the all seeing eye of God ,


The Eye of Providence can be seen on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, seen her on the US $1 bill




“the providential eye” , always watching over us and Christ, the light of God, lights our way to God.

Christ is the yoke to God.

Christ  is also the Word.

John 1: 1 ;

“In the beginning was the word , and the word was God and the Word was with God”.

I was drawn to join these thoughts with the AHHHMMM , (AUM ) , the spiritual chant which evokes the calming Peace of God, the peace which surpasses all understanding.

Ephesians 9:11.

All these threads swirling around my mind, not the least of which, wanting the Word to be the first utterance to man, I AM, Yahweh , the light directing my zygoma path, the Word,  the Way to God.

The Way of the second part of YAHWEY ! Thus, I AM the Way , Yahweh, who has just lighted the way for me to experience, the familiar profession ,“I see the light”!

To amuse you more as it did me with profound disbelief , it could be true,
I reflect back on my selecting the topic for this entry COMPLETION,
I SEE THE LIGHT and when I entered it, a typographical error occurred  and I had spelled LIGHT, LI HT which my presumptive mind interpreted as the sign O, being the providential eye of God, watching, guiding me down the lighted path to God confirming in my minds eye, I was on the right path.

Ha ha ha ha , I will laugh along with all of you who must think I’m nuts. So be it , I had to write it so I could  move on with my story and  tell you about my many other spontaneous encounters:

The Joneses, my 90 year old patients , Lois and John . She wore her Aramaic Diety medallion around her neck, and John taught me to Ahhhmmm .

Brenda of whom I first met wearing her allah ring  while telling me about her experiences with synchronicity and providential 11:11,  as William has taught me .

Maybe I’ll finally get back to Birmingham where I first encountered the patient with the fractured zygoma and my neighbor, the theologic scholar who taught me basics of Hebrew in a cram session at night while teaching students in London while  on sabbatical leave from Samford, University. Its where I first began language development and saw the rosetta stone which Zygoma became for me. By the way his name was Dr. Joins!, one of the primary cognates of Yoke: To JOIN. Coincidental?

And, of course Ray, who sees rooms full of “ghost “and Ben frightened by Ghost dreams, but overnight once converted to God never had another Ghost dream.

Then there is Fausto’s augers, and the “Partner Restaurant” in Maryland, the one and only “Partner Restaurant” in the United States we encountered on an overnight trip to New York with intense discussion of my yoke infatuation.  Partner is a major cognate of yoke! The restaurant’s sign logo was two hands joined as in a shake! We just happened to exit the Baltimore-Washington turnpike to find a place to have breakfast. The exit was a dead end road and only place on the road to eat! Perhaps one of the most coincidental occasions i’ve experienced.

Oh, I can,t leave out Vernon, my patient who freaked out with my mention of my Holy Cow and Hieroglyphics.

All and more to come of my meaningful coincidences I can,t wait to share since the way is lighted ,apparently as it has been , but not recognized  completely till now, 2017  Hallaluya , Alleluia
Thanks be to God: 11:11 , the providential watchful eyes of the spirits.

Although I can’t prove but little of this, I can’t research it now, it will have to wait until my personal experiences which that have brought me soundly this far are in print.

Let me take you back where truth led me with zygoma with all of its unexplainable, unlikely, coincidences that after 40 years proved true .

Therefore, I’ll try not to digress further unless exceptional  spiritual encounters intervene and not let me pass.

on to # 13   Back To ALABAMA 1972


(1) Notice the Light I typed, an O, symbol for eye , instead of a G, LIOHT happened and I was overwhelmed with the sensation it was providence, the light that let

my eye see


(2)  Earliest letters were often rotated with different writing materials for ease of printing  i.e. clay tablet and sharpened wedge stylus

such was case with ox  representation , the V was rotated 180 degrees to become A , the rotated head with the later added diacritic line

(3) John 1:4 In him was the life: and the life was the Light of men
John 8:12 Jesus saying : I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life