15. Awoke

Blog # 15


I awoke 3-18-18 with these new thoughts:

I had  tried to get beyond “Completion”.  There seemed little left to say; “my singular truth” proclaimed , the intuitive provincial eye of God leading my way, 

and “The first breath of God”  proclaiming Yahweh, God’s personal name “heard”. I wanted  to share my singular truth with everyone.  God Exist !  But just now

as I awoke I realized to hear it, God Exists, and not to feel it , is meaningless.  Wanting others to share my singular truth as if it were their own, however thoughtful, is useless unless it is felt. Knowing the exhilaration of climbing Mt Everest, skiing a mountainside or riding a motorcycle can only come from the experience itself.  I asked myself  whats the benefit of  sharing my experience with others ? None perhaps, except, to encourage others to examine  their lives, find their zoke , and follow it with all their heart,mind and soul wherever it takes them (Their Azoke). Trust your instincts, no one else has your answers. 

Everyones  azoke and zoke is different  based upon what God  has bestowed on you within the context of your life; family,work,experiences, education, including even your thoughts.

God has a unique purpose for each of us, one not like anyone else.   One which encompasses the many facets of our lives.  I believe we are equipped with the necessary tools, gifts, etc. for which to cary out  God’s purpose. The key to fining your zoke  is recognition of the special gifts  you have been given. The truth of your life. Look for, find and follow it. Its your yoke to be led. your zoke. You may already been on your path unknowing as what , nor why, but God willing, providence prevails and your hopes , wishes  and faith  will lead you to the singular truth, God exists . Your faith will be bolstered as you pursue the truth of your life be it music, song, dance, sports, business, laborer, farmer, doctor ,scientist, friend , mother,police  etc.

Think of it in this manner: If you find or feel any truth in your life, you have found God, for God is truth  and truth is the substance of God.

For each of us to recognize and know our TRUTH , It’s measured by all our past and present experiences, knowledge and wisdom and for us to accept it as truth it has to “ring true” with what we know has been proven  to be so,  in our past experiences.  In other words the truth is personal and individual, possibly different from those of others. When however you hear someone speak the truth as you have known it , it confirms and reassures your confidence in your faith, especially if spiritual in nature.   Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the confidence of things unseen. Hebrews 11:1

Its only in the past few years  after experiencing so many unforeseen events and uncommon circumstances that as my

son William has shown me, these “ meaningful coincidences”  have overwhelmed me to the point I Saw and Awoke to the fact as what they were.

Even though he has used the term synchronicity frequently and I did’t know what synchronous meant except from the standpoint of time.  HA Ha.!

It was only as I was writing these last two blogs did I take the initiative to formally look up the term and behold! find its meaning and that the term was coined ( a cognate of join, and zygoma) ,  by William’s favorite psychologist Carl Jung ( 1875 ) . Jung introduced a new word to shed light on  poorly understood events as did Galen with his coined zygoma.

Synchronicity: the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.


Synchronicity is a huge part of  my story and ultimately  what convinced me of my singular truth. Thats why we must return to Alabama! 1972 when the zygoma  epic began and the synchronicity and  coincidences started , the details I share with you as they evolved which at the time I had no appreciation they would later be seen as “meaningful coincidences” !


I believe the  coined , join , zygoma, yoke, cognate coincidence and yoke, awoke  above was meaningful in  helping me  to overcome my lull and boost my faith in continuing.


End Blog # 15


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