3. Zygoma Etymology

Zygon, from which zygoma is derived, is the common Greek word for yoke, one of man’s first words. The audible sound for the yoke concept existed even before the alphabet and writing. The first letter of the alphabet ‘A’, is a pictograph which represents an ancient oxen yoke, chosen to become the first grammatical implement of writing, a vowel.

I am the first person to propose how the letter ‘A’ relates to oxen and that vowels began as yokes!

Zygoma in Greek, literally means, composed of a yoke. Galen chose this word as an anatomical term to specifically identify the arch of bone of our temple.

This discovery was significant enough, if subsequently confirmed, to be considered my  single truth were it not for an extraordinary experience I had in 1990  which can only be explained as “spiritual”. It convinced me that my zygoma word search had a deeper purpose than etymology, medicine or language.

After that encounter I changed my research and began following two lines of investigation: the first (zygoma etymology) continued with the empiric scientific method, while the other (spiritual) was intuitive,fueled by frequent intrusions of meaningful coincidences and synchronicity.

End Entry#3


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