Meaningful Coincidences : Post Script

Be sure to read Blog #16 as this addendum’s related to but occurred soon after I had published blog post 16.   I called Fausto two days ago,  Dec. 3, 2018 asking about the “partner bottle” he  sent me back in 2017 and his memory of the circumstances of finding it. Also I wanted to know what he meant by his use of the word ‘auger’ on our trip to N.Y.  mentioned in Blog post #16.

In checking its spelling before posting, I found auger means an implement, a hole digger or type of screw. I was confused.

He had used it to describe his experience with a huge white bird descending down on him one evening as he exited his art classroom and felt it may have been an omen of sort.

When I questioned his meaning, his response was the word is Augur, not auger as I had spelled it. It means an omen, a sign, a prediction of the future. Although at the time he used it I had no knowledge of “meaningful coincidences,” merely an infatuation with the origin of the word zygoma and he didn’t elaborate on his  experience of coincidences and I don’t remember connecting his augury with my “partner restaurant”  zygoma-yoke quest.

He was surprised to find out, as was I, augury’s origin to early Greek times when a seer would predict events from studying the flights of birds. He knew Caesar used priest officials who determined the will of the gods to make prediction of wars and conflicts and they were called augurers but he didn’t recall knowing their prediction was from the study of the birds, the subject of his experience. It was noticeable that he seemed more intent on the subject now than on our N.Y. trip.

He didn’t recall how he came by the “partner bottle”, but supposed he picked it up at a yard sell or flea market.

Soon after our phone call, Fausto sent me an email later on Dec.3 2018 stating; “Believe this or not but the moment you called me earlier I was semi asleep and realizing Christmas was around the corner and wondering whether or not I was going to bother with Christmas cards this year as Christmas is generally the time I make an effort to connect. I picked up the call when I recognized your voice. Anyway, the truth is I was thinking about the Sabistons when you called.”

It had been six months or more since I last talked with Fausto, catching up today took an hour, non stop, wonderful as always. We spoke of meaningful coincidences, synchronicity, augury among a host of other topics.

After the call an E-mail from him really shocked me as there were several synchronicities from our recent connection. He had them numbered! Here I was thinking he had none.

Here’s his list:

SYNCH #1 Fausto: The truth is I was thinking about the Sabistons the moment you called, so we can TAG  the call’s TIMING as absolutely synchronicity #1


Fausto: The first definition [of augury] I pulled up seconds after we spoke [was] to blurry lines  is very odd as the last thing I spoke (to you on the phone ) was how steady and sharp  Henry’s lines were!

The Google definition and example:

Augury synonyms : omen, portent, danger sign, foretoken

  “you draw very blurry lines between what is coincidence and what is augury”

(Henry was our famous North Carolinian artist in N.Y. we were visiting whose art lines  were typically very sharp, clear and finite.)

Synch #3

Fausto: The second augury definition listed makes reference to augury’s beginnings in interpreting patterns of birds flight!  Fausto: Wow, a direct reference to your recounting my big bird sighting right before our N.Y. trip: while I knew what augury meant, I did not know that it originated with the observation of birds, which in all ancient cultures were seen as intermediaries between this world and the next.

His next paragraph, although not listed as a numbered synchronicity it was implied.  An unexplained coincidental phenomenologic event. He recounted our walking across the  Lincoln Center Plaza in front of the Metropolitan Opera House with it’s clear glass window facade with the majestic Chagall  Murals which he felt engendered my long explication of Jesus’ ancestral linage, Abraham through David to Christ.


I recall it as if yesterday yet I have no recollection what we were talking about. Admittedly in 2011 I had become more knowledgeable of the bible and more spiritual in my linkages to zygoma, as well as starting to use the Bible for accurate dates of new testament’s use of Greek words. Specifically yoked dates of the old testament’s use of Hebrew words akin to yoke. Interestingly the beginnings of the alphabet coincided closely with Abrahams life.

What happened next I could never forget nor expect to see a video of. As we walked across the large space toward the boundary of the square we were gazing  upon  immensely tall and engaging sky scraper like buildings, side by side, with a smattering of window shades, lit, partially lit and predominantly dark windows of empty offices. Abruptly the sky around us blackened, like an eclipse,  enhancing the  glowing yellow shaded lit windows. Lively billowing clouds overhead moved wildly by, a surreal ambiance. At that moment It became  the most personal intimate place on earth with an omnipotence of awe, unlike any others in my life , save one.(1)  Within minutes it returned to normal. 

We both thought extra ordinary, but  reflecting back now I file it under  meaningful coincidence.

Fausto’s next subject of the E- mail was to add :  “while on the subject of augury I have included a scan of a bright yellow harp or lyre bottle cap that caught my eye in a grocery store parking lot today!



He included  links to Harps symbolic meanings  saying the second link is Irish political and the first is spiritual, very long, but scroll to bottom where the author begins to focus on the harp. Haven’t read it all & perhaps sometime in the future the meaning of this possible omen might reveal itself!!! Actually the harp may have more to do with you than me. Unbelievable! He found the cap today, and immediately concluded a possible omen, an augur that just might “ have more to do with me” than him. A remarkable coincidental timing of his find and his “sense” of its possible connection with yoke and me.

I was fascinated with the cap as well and especially  his care in sending it to me.

I was immediately fond of it , color, shape , and symbolism resonated powerfully bringing to my mind the similitude of early yokes of oxen horns. The word itself ,Harp, being special to my sight and sound! I have found three or four letter words that contain (AR) are from ancient times and resonate with sounds and meanings from their “yoked-together “ origin  implying “connection”. I can’t go there now but will later with a blog on the origin of the ‘picture symbol’ for the origin of the alphabetic letter’s (AR) couplet.

If no more than what I have gleaned from a quick overview of the links he sent me , there can be no doubt this is more than just happenstance. He was right on target, I inherently knew  the cap and I were connected! As similar finding, perhaps, as I happened on to the origin of the word zygoma meaning yoke, more than thirty years ago.

The present links could easily lead me down a long and sinuous but productive  path which I can’t follow just now, but let me say this, even before talking to Fausto, about it!  Only having googled Harp and Lyre, I found  harps are ancient , one of our first musical instruments, the  oldest surviving stringed instrument and the small harp, so called lyre of Ur, excavated  in Mesopotamia dates back to 2500 BC,  almost as old as writing itself. Small harps are lyres and lyres are defined as “YOKE-LUTES” in which the strings are attached to horns as in a yoke ,   a yoke that lies in the same plane as the sound-table and consists of two arms and a cross bar.

For now, just a confirmation of intuition and another example of establishing the age and meaning of yoke in second century BC.




His Hunch that the cap and I were connected proved right.

He went on to write: I remember now your name came up when Troadec [a mutual friend] and I were discussing Pascal’s strong Christian faith and I related to him the few people I have known who I believe truly experienced very powerful ‘Divine Interventions’ .

(For lack of a better term) went on to tell him of your remarkable memory re: The genealogy of the bible.

Even though Fausto may have thought that, I didn’t ,however,  I’m pleased he considered  my faith strong and these coincidences difficult to assign to chance. He suggested the three of us should meet. Amen!

As typical of any encounter such as this I followed up on everything. First,  I  googled Pascal, and read the other two links which I will have to revisit  ,much like when Fausto introduced the Kaballah to me years ago which took me ten years to understand it’s meaning and  appreciate it’s value. Some of my most important truths are gnostic quotes and explanations  applicable to my comprehension and belief and helped ultimately to my purpose.

For now, the  synchronicity of his relating the cap, the harp to my , zygoma – yoke pursuit is enough for me to include it here  to give a current example how coincidences arise and have been throughout my story. Many have taken years for me to track them down enough to identify them as “meaningful coincidences” .

His link to Dane  Rudyar’s “ The Harp as a Cosmic Symbol” is one such lead as difficult as the Kaballah and why I sent a copy to my son William and daughter Susan who I  might be able to understand the esoteric and metaphysical significance of the link of Dane Rudhyar’s writing should there be any.  I also included Fausto’s communications to them.

Next is the  synchronicity I  experienced the same day as those Fausto had shared. One occurred when googling Pascal  whom Fausto had mentioned He and his close friend Troadek  had been discussing. Pascal’s spirituality apparently  brought to fausto’s mind my spirituality expressed during our plaza walk and Fausto felt , as I did , the three of us should get together. Amen.

I then Googled Blaise Pascal.

Sync#1  Pascal famous french physicist and catholic theologian known for Pascal’s law of fluid mechanics and much more.The front sheet  listed one of his most famous quotes .

We know the truth, not only by reason , but also by the heart.

Blaise Pascal  June19, 1623

The quote pretty much has served as my own determination and guide.

Although quite insignificant to anyone else , it was a conformational coincident for me.

The second Synchronicity for me from this same experience, no one can deny as it approaches the unlikely probability of Fausto’s and my “Partner Restaurant” coincidence.

Sync # 2

As mentioned above I  E-mailed Fausto”s  Augury comments and links to my daughter Susan who was in her car  in Queens and when she looked up from reading his E-mail , an office sign caught her eye. 



She texted me quite calmly and asked was that a common name ? I replied excitedly quite extraordinary as I had never heard of one in my life. Her reply


                So many times I’ve only recognized how unusual things have been much later when it resurfaces in a different circumstance that gets my full attention. With this one I knew the moment she texted  she will have shared something quite remarkable. 

I  immediately googled Augury OB-GYN. I was disappointed as there were five listings,  but still remarkable. As I double clicked each one , all the entries  were regarding that one practice in Queens.!!!!!!! Not another one  listed in the USA.!  Perhaps a new believer.An irrefutable synchronicity.


1)  The first, with Mitch, my high school friend mentioned in an earlier blog. We were gazing at the sky overhead while lying on our back, in 1957, talking about girlfriends when apparently the sky became animated, quite darkened and cloudy encapsulating us, eliminating everything else. I don’t know what it meant except i readily recalled it as Mitch recounted it at a later class reunion.


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