7. Name Change Coincidence



Name Change Coincidence:


Insignificant as it must seem to others, the most recent coincidence occurred with the expected blog name Zygoma, my first and only choice for the title as I planned for the blog to mirror chronologically my journey’s search for the truth of an anatomical term, followed by a language-etymology review of how the use of the word changed throughout history and ending with my discovery of “a single truth” and my profession of faith.

Once I committed to a blog with the encouragement of my children, Susan, my youngest offered to launch the site as I was totally incapable of. She E-mailed me. “Dad, sorry, but zygoma.org, zygoma.edu,and zygoma.com sites were unavailable!” I was devastated!  I had been so excited to think finally I would have my story told and my academic discoveries, protected by a Creative Commons 4.0 International License. Choosing another name was difficult, nothing, compared to zygoma. The Yoke bone, A Single Truth and Yahweh were considered, but rejected for different reasons. Alas, I chose Azoke, thinking It might work. Azoke.org was available! , so we secured it at once. Then it hit me! How can I possibly start with Azoke? Its not even a word yet! I had hoped to recommend it to readers as a neologism in final posts, along with other spiritual conclusions.

To begin with it first, rather than last, would turn my story upside down; well actually backwards.  Impossible!  Not only would it lessen, if not negate, “my” academic discoveries, it might discourage my medical colleagues, language scholars and “scientific method” readers from taking me seriously with azoke’s primary spiritual connotation. Had zygoma been available, azoke would have emerged as an outcome at the story’s conclusion. That dilemma, of how to put the spiritual at the beginning rather than end,  was removed for reasons stated in the last entry The Coming Out re: meaningful coincidences,  in conjunction with Wham-O!, The Title Change,  did what I couldn’t!

Zygoma’s site by chance not being available resulted in the Azoke title, which forced making spiritual the primary focus, shifting the credit from myself to God, where it belongs. I now prefer this but was jealous of giving up the credit only a year ago, when I realized all my discoveries were serendipitous coincidences,intuitive thought and dreams rather than results of my genius. When I recognized that, when I saw the light, the truth, ( entry #6 ) I wanted a way to put the credit where it was due and let the chips fall where they must  with friends ,colleagues and scholars, as I have already received my reward. My single truth.

Having to use Azoke as the blog site name required explanation and definition of the word, all spiritual.  How it came about follows in Entry  #8 the result of a dream.


End Entry #7

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