4. Neon YHWH Encounter & Video

Today was just an ordinary day, June 19, 1990– until it happened. Out of the blue, with no warning, it came. During a shower while shampooing my hair, eyes closed, I lifted my head to wash away the soap when suddenly: lighted, florescent, translucent, bright red neon letters danced across my field of vision. From right to left they moved quickly out of sight. I tried to pull the images back across my visual field from left to right to get another look to identify what I had seen. With no success, I opened my eyes, my vision and surroundings were perfectly normal. I was awake, it was not a dream! I quickly closed my eyes hoping I could repeat this bizarre experience. Within seconds, the letters returned, and like a TV ticker tape displaying stock quotes, the brilliant glowing letters moved across the screen, right to left exactly as before. I strained to identify these images. There were four characters, each with vertical lines. They were grouped together as a word, but not one I recognized. Moving to the left they disappeared, and no matter what I did I could not get them to re-appear.

I got out of the shower, dried my hair and went downstairs to copy down what I had seen. The markings were colored, vivid solid bright red and homogenous. Like neon. They were approximately 1/2″ high. Three or four groups of straight vertical lines close together something like this: IIII (see illustration). They were all about the same height and two of them looked like couplets. There were no dots or dashes; no other objects and no particular background. The markings were in the middle of the visual field on a horizon. The letters jiggled like brownian movement as they crossed my field of vision. What I copied down looked like this.


 2017 Simulated Neon Yahweh Video by Flat Black Films*

Simulated Neon Yahweh Video*





I went to bed without difficulty, not knowing exactly what had happened and without an explanation. It had been an ordinary day without incident. I felt completely normal and had no symptom of any illness. I had not started any medications, and had nothing to eat or drink out of the ordinary. I had never experienced anything like this before. Not knowing what caused it, nor what was to come later, I did not mention it to anyone thinking some other symptoms might occur to explain this incident. I recall at the time I wasn’t anxious or frightened or even awed but well aware this was no ordinary event.

The next day was normal and uneventful. I recalled over and over the neon letters. After work I reviewed my drawing and thought these symbols might be ancient Hebrew letters. I had been tutored in Hebrew on Saturdays for a few months in an effort to trace the origin of yoke in the Hebrew language. One of my earliest lessons was the Hebrew alphabet and how it had evolved from ancient Hebrew. Comparing what I had seen to the ancient Hebrew symbols, I was quite certain I had seen four letters. Two of these were identical; they were H’s. They were the two ”couplets” described above, and the other two letters were a Y and a V ,  HVHY (read right to left).

Ancient Hebrew was written from right to left without vowels. Transliterated to Latin it is YHWH.

Adding vowels, it is articulated  in English Yahweh.

YAHWEH is the most reverent Hebrew name for God. It was rarely spoken or written. It has been given a special designation, The TETRAGRAMMATON. The term is derived from Greek, meaning a word having four letters. In Hebrew it looks like this .


Had I seen the holiest name for God? I think so. Was this miraculous? In retrospect, yes I think it was. However, at the time it was not like I had been struck by lightning or had a conversion experience; yet I had a sense of confirmation  what I was pursuing was special, justified and personal. From then on I knew my search was no longer just one of medical terminology, language or etymology.

In describing a similar event Phillip K. Dick said it better than I can.

“What I’m writing now tends to have a religious element in it. I’m not sure if that appeals to many people, but it’s something that’s become very important to me, this religious element. I have been trying for eight years to figure it out; what happened, and every line of reasoning and research that I take leads me back to a religious explanation. I can’t break it down into anything but a genuine religious experience.”

Phillip K. Dick Feb. 2005 , The final conversations of Phillip K. Dick

I had a renewed sense of eagerness and curiosity with my zygoma – yoke search with Yahweh’s emergence. Many times my interest has been heightened by coincidences beyond my control that provided direction for my future efforts. I didn’t know how Yahweh and Zygoma were connected, but I knew they were! Yahweh was added to my word search.

1) zygoma
2) Yoke
3) Yahweh

One might assume the neon yahweh experience would have led me directly to my single truth, but it didn’t; it was just the beginning. It took me twenty more years to recognize, acknowledge and accept the encounter’s meaning for me. Even as late as 2013 , I had not openly revealed it ( see Mitch’s letter entry # 5, in his honor and memory).

End entry #4



*Video reconstruction of neon yahweh courtesy  Bob Sabiston – Flat Black Film

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