1. Azoke

Azoke, a new word created to describe my forty year pursuit of the etymology of the anatomical term zygoma, which serendipitously led me to “a single truth”; a pre-med idea of mine that a life would be well spent if one could prove without doubt a single uncontested, irrefutable fact.

Azoke is defined as ones search for their yoke to God.

Zoke, another new word, is defined as the yoke which connects oneself to God.

A yoke is something that joins things together, such as the yoke of a dress, or the yoke of a trailer or a yoke of oxen.

The word zygoma, as I see it now and as you might come to agree, is my zoke. The search for zygoma’s origin, my azoke.

Together the two led me to what I consider “my single truth”.

God exists!


Etymology – The study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time

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