9. General Introduction

This is a true story how an error of anatomical terminology initiated my personal search for  truth in the confluence of medicine,language and spirituality. In the beginning the story was about the anatomical term zygoma; it became a story of the alphabet and man’s earliest words. It concludes with the spiritual revelation: a single truth which was ushered in with the yahweh experience years ago.

The blog is written in a manner a general audience can find enjoyable, despite some unavoidable details in anatomical nomenclature and language terminology where a glossary of terms will be italicized in the text for  edification. The entries will be purposely divided so they can be read selectively and not necessarily in sequence.I know errors must exist where my knowledge is incomplete or inadequate and intuition had to carry me.I can only offer as justification what Thomas Milton Stewart said; ” The man who insists upon seeing with perfect clearness before he decides, never decides”. 1 So I have decide to write fully aware of loose ends with some unanswered questions in hope with a large readership, new information and discoveries in all three areas of medicine, language and spirituality will be revealed..

  1. Stewart TM , The symbolism of the Gods of the Egyptians and the light they throw on free masonry


End Entry # 9


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