10. My Beginnings

As far back as I can remember I was searching for things and finding them. All kinds of things, four leaf clovers, keys rings, you name it, I could find it. My mother bragged on me so much I began thinking I had some special ability, so I wasn’t particularly surprised to find myself spending more than forty years tracking down a lost word. AS a pre-med History major at the University of North Carolina I selected a course on the History of Medicine which required an essay. Surprise ! , I chose the History of Anatomy as my topic. Working in the medical school library I was introduced to the most authoritative experts in the origin of anatomy and the beginning of anatomical terminology. Dr.Charles Singer, R.E.Siegal and others writings still resonate with me as does the fascination of the 15,000 year old La Croix cave drawings of mans first recorded anatomic illustrations. Little did I know an anatomical word would  alter my life. Let me begin.


End Entry #10


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