13. Galen’s Zygoma – Video presentation to Brody School of Medicine

As you can see I didn’t return to the” beginning” in Alabama 1972 as I stated I would at the end of Blog # 12.

Instead,  I decided to introduce a recent academic video presentation  to give readers an example of the detailed and sound ” scientific methodology ” that I’ve practiced  for most of the past four decades free of any hint of spirituality so  strongly expressed in my last blog” completion”. Simultaneously , also providing a trustworthy foundation of what Zygoma meant from its inception in the first century A.D. thru the eighteenth century. One must clearly understand zygoma’s original meaning to navigate the confusion and ambiguity caused by the subsequent introduction of the anatomical term Zygomatic Bone for our cheekbone in the nineteenth century.

A combination of misunderstanding of zygoma’s meaning ,along with the introduction of anatomically naming ” Bony Processes” ,  initiated the current Zygoma-Zygomatic Bone conumbra of current terminology which I got caught up in and pledged to correct

Be sure to review the Bibliography at en of video


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