8. Azoke: a Coincidental Neologism

Azoke Origin:

You won’t find azoke in your dictionary as it is a new word, a neologism created to describe my pursuit of zygoma’s provenance. The word azoke came to me in 2011 in Los Angeles while registering my youngest son in the University of California, light design program, at Cal Arts. We were staying at the Hampton Inn finishing up an endless to do list before returning to N.C. the next day. Most unlike myself, I awoke around 6 AM, slipped off to the cafeteria without waking anyone, inexplicably wide awake, I began jotting down my night’s dream and the thoughts it provoked, before losing them. Heres what I wrote on the Hampton “thought pad” from the room.

I had dreamed my zygoma story: twenty years searching for truth in the ambiguous anatomical terminology of the facial bone, overcoming and unraveling the linguistic origin of the term. The dream revealed my journey was far more than a medical or language pursuit, it was a process of connecting to God. Finding God by searching for truth.

Sometimes our connection with God is through other people or other things who which we yoke to and through to God. For Christians the yoke is Christ. However, each of us can be touched with the hand of God to instill into us a yearning for completeness which can only be satisfied by union with him. The Kaballah describes it well.
“This is the very fundamental basis of religion: the union between ourselves and God. Religion comes from the Latin “religare” which means to “reunite.” This relates well to the Sanskrit word Yoga coming from the root yug, which means to yoke or unite.
The true root of Yoga ,the real meaning of Yug is to unite oneself with the truth.

The union may come in a form of a revealed truth, a conversion , or a given talent which connects us to him, be it music, dance, art, animation, sports, film, spirituality, science, discovery, quilting, work etc .
Through my academic medical terminology investigation, I had proven beyond doubt the origin of the term zygoma and eliminated the confusion regarding it’s nomenclature. In so doing I found my yoke to God. The word zygoma! And I was given the thought each of us may have their own personal yoke to God, and I chose the word Zoke to identify it, and Azoke to identify one’s search for their Zoke .

Zoke seemed right, using Z, to imply God from (Z)eus coupled with OKE of yoke. Also because OAK, a homonym of OKE, was the wood used to make man’s first yoke implements. Thus, Zoke is ones personal yoke(connection) to God.
Similarly, Azoke seemed right as (A) pictographically represents an oxen yoke used as the first implement of domesticated animals to allow energetic work. I correlated that with the “work” of searching out our zoke; thus

Azoke: The search for your Zoke to God.

Wherefore the blog name itself was the result of some intuitive thought prompted by dream. Coincidence?
I concluded from my dream and the thought it provoked that early morning, It’s our task, duty and responsibility to find our yoke to God. We should do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to find the yoke that links us and bonds us to him.
I had done it through a word.

Haven satisfied my need to get the spiritual up front due to the cumulative magnitude of the meaningful coincidences that convinced me my single truth was not zygoma but the confirmational truth , single truth , that God exist!
Not that i want Him to, I think He does, He probably does or He might as I had thought for years, but finally I accepted :
He does!

Zygoma was my zoke

In order for others to accept this as well I return to the chronologic path of my discoveries with an emphasis on what then seemed ” happen stance”, but I now know were intended. Perhaps your zoke will be recognized.

neologism – a new word or a new use of a word
provenance – the origin of a word and all of its evolution
homonym – one of a group of words with different meanings : frequently found to have similar origins

























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