14. Awakening

Blog # 14


Awakening is an interesting word as we most often think of it only related to sleep, yet by definition and use it’s an act or moment of suddenly becoming aware of something.

I often find myself  thinking as I lie in bed, eyes still  closed perusing my night’s dream and meaning or making new day’s decisions and

solutions. I often awaken to new thoughts and connections. One such occasion happened recently. I went to bed late wrestling over how to get back on track to my story having digressed so heavily, spiritually,  with blog # 12, “completion”. It was hard “coming back down to earth” from that experience, In fact , so hard I reflexively added entry #13, a purely academic video regarding the origin of the word zygoma to distance myself from the mystic mantra of #12 some might find objectionable. I thought it might also help me get back to the story’s anatomical beginnings. 

It didn’t work despite many attempts to return, I wasn’t able. The excitement of etymology and anatomic terminology  paled so in comparison to the more recent spiritual experiences.   Likewise, the unfinished tasks of convincing physicians and anatomist to use the term zygoma correctly to avoid future terminology errors, the unfinished unsolved yoke etymology and having my “vowels began as  yokes” theory collaborated by academia , all  seemed to have lost their glitter, casting a lull that has  kept me from further progress, until , just now , when  I  AWOKE, literally and figuratively!  All I saw and “heard” was “OAK”, and it’s phonetic similarity of ” OKE” . I’m always tuned into sound alike words, being similarly related like , OAK- YOKE -AWOKE , as words which look ,sound or mean the same , they probably are cognates1 and have a common origin. I had never associated awakening with connection in the manner of yoke until now using Awoke, awake’s past tense .The  Awakening of the similarity of the Oak- Yoke- Awoke phonemes.

This zygoma synchronicity2 has “pulled me back in ” ;  the lull passed , my enthusiasm returned, with the reassurance of this awakening experience.


First yokes were made from  oak wood.

Oak trees are  the oldest of  trees.

A Bar of wood on the shoulders of persons carrying pails of water were first yokes 

 Bar is the oldest Greek word for a yoke. 

The  words , Oak and Yoke share similar origins.

.Sound alike, Look alike usually mean alike.  Oak,Yoke now  Awoke. 

 As I Awoke , suddenly a moment of awareness, a connection an enlightenment! An Awakening! 

Do you see what I mean, can you feel it? 

A light has brightened my day. A Path has been opened. I Awoke.

Halleluia !


  1. cognates – linguistics ( of a word ) having the same derivation as another : from the same origin or root: related to or descended from a common ancestor
  2. synchronicity – the simultaneous occurrence of events the appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection

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